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JSR Trading Co., Ltd.A solution providerthat enriches customersthrough its advanced functionality.
The 21st century is an era of steadily progressing globalization.
In such an environment, the challenges faced by each corporation in its business activities have become increasingly complex and diversified.
JSR Trading Co., Ltd. is a solution provider boasting an extensive global network, a
wide variety of products, and outstanding group companies.
We are devoted to enriching our customers and society at large through our global perspective meeting the needs of the times.

Proprietary products, expertise, and agility to provide solutionsthat precisely meet the needs of each customer
Grasping and analyzing the current status and future trends of segmented markets,independently developing products that best suit each customer, and providing them in the optimal form for customers-these are the commitments that JSR Trading Co., Ltd. constantly fulfills as a solution provider by supplying proprietary materials and various other products that offer higher value for customers.
What differentiates us from the rest of the pack is our unrivalled expertise based on rich experience, as well as superior agility realized through the close teamwork of our group companies that generates effective synergy.
We make the most of these strengths in each phase of product development, procurement, distribution, and retailing.
Our ultimate aim is to enrich people's lives and society as a whole by vitalizing business activities and supporting the prosperity of our customer companies.
JSR Trading continues to provide creative solutions and suffuse each customer with new energy.
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