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environmental Policy
<Guiding Principles>

Through our activity of commercial trading including domestic and overseas transactions for chemical products, packing and logistic materials, equipment and instruments and wines, we, JSR TRADING CO., LTD. has mobilized the efforts of all its employee in strictly comply with the various regulations relating to environmental protection , as well as all agreements signed by the company and sustaining and improving and effective EMS (Environmental Management System) by regular review and continuous upgrade of environmental objectives and targets in order to protect the global environment.

<Action Guidelines>

- Handling and promoting of products and materials which are well-cared for the environment.
- Efficient utilization of resources and energy
- Reducing waste products
- Contribution to environmental preservation and preventing environmental pollution.

In view of the above principles, and in accordance with the Action Guidelines, We have communicated to all people who are working for or on behalf of JSR TRADING CO., LTD., as well as disclosing it externally.

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