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Packing and Distribution Materials
Reducing distribution costs to a minimumthrough superior development capabilities
Packing and distribution materials that are constantly on the move must offer environment, safety, low cost, and space saving. “i-tainer®” is our innovative folding steel container that meets all of these requirements. “i-tainer®” requires only minimum space thanks to its folding design, and it is strong and economical in comparison with containers made of other materials. In addition, because the materials used for the container can be recycled, there is no concern about environmental impact.
JSR Trading also develops and provides various unique types of packing materials
including SUS containers, steel containers, etc. reflecting our creativity, meeting customer needs.

Major Items Handled
i-tainer® Folding steel containers
IBC containers Various types of SUS or PE containers for carrying liquids or powders
Box Pallet Various types of containers (steel box pallet)used for the parts of cars, films etc…
Roll Box Pallet Various types of containers for transportation
Pallets Various types of pallets made of resin, SS, or SUS
Wrapping films/bags Kraft paper, PP and RB melting bags and PE, PS, RB films
Flexible containers PP flexible containers
ChemicalDistribution MaterialsFilmTesting machineryFine Chemicals TOP
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