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Corporate Guidance Product Introduction Inquiry
A wide range of business operationsbased on abundant materials know-how.
Taking advantage of our know-how in the field of polymer materials procurement, we handle various types of materials to meet all customer requirements ranging from organic and inorganic chemicals to synthetic rubbers, synthetic resins and emulsion products.
We also provide various services that include not only domestic and export/inport transactions, but also research and salesof materials as well as supply of technologies-servises that can be offered only by a company with high levels of technology and quality like JSR Trading-and work hand to constantly improve business on a wide scale by making these services available worldwide and promptly responding to customer needs.

Major Items Handled:
Synthetic Rubbers, Synthetic Resins, Emulsion Products
BR General-purpose resins
IR Engineering plastics
NBR Latexes
IIR Acrylic emulsions
EXCELINK Silicon rubber
Major Items Handled:
Raw material of chemicals
Rubber vulcanizing agents Adulterant
Rubber vulcanizing accelerators Bulking agent
Rubber aging prevention agents Colouring agent
Antioxidant Antiforming agent
Emulsifier Detergent
Additives Lubricants
Auxiliary agents Mixed compound adhesion preventives
Catalyst Bromine
Polimerization initiator Oil for polymer/rubber compound
Polymerization anticatalyst Carbon Black
Polymerization modifier Organic/inorganic pigments
Plasticizer Silicon rubber
Stabilizer Reclaimed rubber
ChemicalDistribution MaterialsFilmTesting machineryFine Chemicals TOP
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